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or path you may be subject to screening we don't open your bag. but we do use technology to scan. those are the types of things that we use and we are rating in the nation's capitol. there is no specific threat to metro in general. we are going to re-tweet your metro announcement. thank you sir. >> many people are using facebook and twitter about the attack in boston. the hash tan pray for boston is trending worldwide. 125,000 people re-tweeted this hash tag yesterday. this morning, if you want to help those recovering in boston. fake charities are looking to take advantage of you. after fielding a number of complaint complaints account was shut down. >> soldiers who just returned from overseas were among those helping moments after the blast in boston. two soldiers were there and ran into the chaos to try to help. we helps and we were picking them up and putting the pressure on the wounds. and a lot of people were hurt. the soldiers ran over to massachusetts general to give blood. >> this week marks the 18th anniversary of the oklahoma city bombing and the 14th anniversary of the shoot
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1